Off Work - Do you need a note?

**Please be aware Doctors CAN NOT  forward date a sick note - although we will try to complete as soon as possible the standard time scale for sick note issue is 7 working days**

If you are off work sick for seven calender days or less, your employer should not ask for any medical evidence or letter from your doctor to prove that you have been ill. However, on your return to work they can ask you to confirm in writing that you have recently been ill. This is done by filling in a "self-certification form" (SC2) which your employer will provide. 

However, if you are ill for longer that seven days, you will need to see or telephone a doctor to get a "fit-note." This form allows the doctor to either sign you off work completely, or discuss short-term changes to your job that may then allow you to return to work in a limited capacity as you continue your recovery after illness.

Further information on fit-notes can be obtained from the NHS Choices website 

Please note that private medical sickness certificates for periods off work of less than seven days involve a charge for non NHS work. Please ask at reception if you require any further details.