Repeat Prescriptions

Prescriptions are your responsibility - we request you allow at least a week, to ensure we can process before you run out of your medication.

When a prescription is given to you by the GP, or a medication issued to you by your chemist, you will usually be given at the same time a print out of all your current repeat medications which are available automatically without the need to make an appointment to see the doctor. This list can be used as a re-order slip to request more medication. 

Please always allow at least three working days (72 hours) for us to process your request.

To order repeat medications simply either:

  • Bring your completed re-order slip to the surgery and place in the box at reception 
  • Write to us and enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope which we can then use to post the prescription back to you 
  • Arrange for repeat prescriptions to be automatically sent to a chemist where you can then collect it directly.
    This is a popular method offered for free by all our local chemists
    This service is the same whether you are given traditional prescriptions or use the Electronic Prescription Service detailed below
    Please ask your preferred pharmacist or reception if you would like any help setting this up
  • Use our online repeat prescriptions service
    This free service is operated by the Willow Surgery to allow patients to request repeat medications without any need to come in person to the surgery or even leave their home! 
    Once set up, patients can choose to collect their prescriptions from reception two working days later, or have the prescription sent direct to the chemist of your choice- either electronically or by use of a traditional paper prescription, you decide.  
    See below for more details and the link to the website where you can log on. 

Electronic Prescription Service

The Willow Surgery is able to issue Electronic Prescriptions. The Electronic Prescription Service as it is known is an NHS service which allows you to have your prescription sent electronically direct from the Willow Surgery to the pharmacy of your choice without the need for a traditional paper prescription. It is hoped that this service will be more efficient and avoid lost prescriptions... and there may be offer benefits- for example, as it is not dependent on anyone actually collecting a physical paper prescription you may have more choice as to where to get your repeat prescription sent to, perhaps a chemist near to a close relative or your place of work.

Patients using this service must please remember however that they would have to collect all of their prescriptions from the same chemist every time, and so it may not be helpful if you use a variety of chemists. And we still require three  working days notice for all repeat prescription requests. 

To opt in to use EPS you need to specify a pharmacy to receive your electronic prescriptions. You can do this directly at the chemist itself or ask us here at the practice to do it for you. And yes, you are of course able to change your nominated pharmacy at any point, or indeed return to paper prescriptions too if you want. You can do this by speaking to your chemist or us here at the surgery.

Order Repeat Prescriptions Online

Patients are able to request medication online. To use this service you must first register with reception- please see further details below on how you can do this.

Once registered please just click here to log on.

How to Register

You will need to visit the surgery with two documents: one showing proof of address (e.g utility bill, bank statement etc) and one being an item of photo ID (e.g passport, driving licence, bus pass, official employment ID). This is to comply with the data protection act. No one else can register on your behalf. 

Please note that the Willow Surgery updated its IT systems in January 2016 meaning that all existing users need to re-register with reception to access the new on-line appointment and prescription request service. We apologise for any disruption and inconvenience which this may cause.