Non-NHS Services & Fees

The NHS provides most health care to most people free of charge but there are exceptions, such as prescription charges. The NHS does not employ GPs but has a contract with them to provide a range of general medical services for their patients. When GPs are therefore asked to provide additional services which fall outside their NHS contract they are entitled to make a reasonable charge for providing them. This is to cover the cost of our time, for example if a doctor is asked to sign a certificate he or she must first check your entire medical record to ensure that they are providing accurate information. 

If asking us to complete forms, please allow us reasonable notice - the normal turn-around for Non-NHS Services is usually 6-8 weeks 

A. Fees for Private Medical Examinations
These services require a dedicated appointment with the GP. Please discuss in advance with reception as longer appointments are required.

Vocational Drivers Medical Assessment                       £129.60 incl VAT                                                                                                                            
(Group 2 Licence Holders) eg HGV Drivers                                    

Fitness to Drive for Insurance Purposes                      £105.60 incl VAT                                                                                                            
(Group 1 Licence holders) eg Elderly drivers

Fitness for Sports                                                     £88.00 VAT exempt                                                                                                                                              

Fitness to Travel                                                      £36.00 incl VAT                                                                                                             

Employers Medical (price depends on length of assessment involved) from £59.50 - £120.00 exempt

Adoption and Fostering                                           £88.80 incl VAT                                                                  

Childminders Medical  (for OFSTED)                         £87.00 incl VAT                                                          


B. Certificates or Reports not requiring additional Examination
These certificates will sometimes relate to an illness or injury for which you saw the GP whilst unwell. However, if you are now well and no additional treatment is required, a further appointment is not usually required in order for us to complete the form  

Private letter (statement of fact/ "to whom it may concern")   £21.60 incl VAT

Private sick note                                                                £20.00 exempt

Witnessing Driving Licence Application                                 £36.00 incl VAT

Witnessing Passport Application                                          £36.00 incl VAT

Freedom from infection certificate eg for school, travel or work £25.20 incl VAT

Brief written certificate that a patient is fit for exercise         £35.00 exempt
(where no additional examination is required)

Accident or Sickness Insurance Certificate                           £30.00 exempt

BUPA/PPP claim form                                                        £30.00 exempt

Seat Belt Exemption Certificate                                          £25.00 exempt

Blue badge report                                                            £25.20 incl VAT

Holiday cancellation form                                                  £30.00 exempt                                

Power of Attorney Form  £127.20 incl VAT (Surgery) - £172.80 incl VAT (Home)

Occupational Health Medical Report/Employers Health Questionnaire £75.00 exempt

* More complex certificates which require further time to complete may incur additional charges. Your GP will inform you if this applies before performing the relevant service.

C. Private Health Services to Patients not entitled to NHS Care
Individuals visiting the UK from abroad may not be entitled to NHS Care unless reciprocal agreements exist between their country of residence and the UK. For further information please visit the Department of Health website or ask at reception.  

If not entitled to NHS Care, the following costs should be paid by the patient before being seen by the GP. The individual should then subsequently obtained reimbursement from their insurance company if appropriate.


Appointment with GP (10 minute consultation)                        £40.00 exempt

Private prescription (per item)*                                             £20.00 exempt

 * Additional charges liable to the Pharmacy also apply when subsequently collecting any medication

D. Insurance reports                                                              Price

Extract from records                                                            £80.40 incl VAT

Report on proforma no exam (20 mins)                                 £107.40 incl VAT

Written report no exam detailed statement of condition           £159.60 incl VAT

Medical records                                                                   £50.00   incl VAT                                                                                


All prices shown are in pounds sterling and inclusive of VAT where applicable

All prices are based on suggested rates published nationally by the British Medical Association and are regularly compared with other local GP practices.

Please note that you need to sign a consent form allowing solicitors and insurance companies to view your medical records.  ALL your records will be sent unless you tell us not to.