Mutual Respect

You have a right to expect a great service from us and our promise to you is set out in Our Care Policy. In order for us to fulfill your expectations there are some things we need from you in return.

We will do everything possible to protect doctors, staff, patients, and visitors from unacceptable behaviour. We have zero tolerance of anything that causes hurt, alarm or distress, and insist that you treat us with respect and courtesy at all times. If you don't do this, you will be removed from the patient list and will need to register with a practice elsewhere.

  • If you can't make your appointment please tell us so it can be offered to someone else.
  • Please don't be late for your appointment and we'll also do everything we can to keep to time.
  • Please do not ask for a home visit unless it is medically necessary. 
  • If your doctor of choice is not available, please be flexible with us to get you booked in.
  • Thankfully not every trip to the doctor will result in a prescription, so in these cases, please just follow the doctor's advice.
  • It's really helpful if you keep us up to date with any changes to your contact details.

If you don't feel things are working out for you at this practice, remember you can move to somewhere else at any time. In these cases it's really helpful for us to know where it went wrong for you so that we can improve the patient experience.